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In our M.Div. and M.A.C.E. curricula, the Supervised Ministry course serves an integrative function, helping students explore relationships between theology and experience and between private convictions and public actions. In the changing landscape of church and world, these understandings are vital for those seeking to provide excellent pastoral and educational leadership.We have information for you, whether you are just getting started or whether you are already engaged in an internship.Benze - Pulpit 1


Students are required to successfully complete the equivalent of one full-time academic year prior to enrolling in an internship. The Supervised Ministry Handbook describes this and other prerequisites in detail. For M.Div. students, the Preaching and Worship and Introduction to Pastoral Care courses should be taken before or during the parish internship.

Supervised Ministry Handbook Fall 2015

Requirements for Graduation

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CPE Start-Up Check List

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Churches and Agencies

Churches, agencies, and those who serve as supervisors must meet certain requirements before partnering with UPSem in an internship. We encourage you to read the introductory material in our Supervised Ministry Handbook  as it contains important information about these requirements and our program.

Supervisor’s Quick Start Guide

What does an internship require of a church/agency and supervisor?

Supervised Ministry Handbook 2015

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